By Published On: August 11th, 2022

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By Published On: August 11th, 2022


This Texas Teen Is Changing the Climate Change Community

Chanté Davis is a youth organizer with Sunrise Movement, the founder of a multifaceted and intersectional environmental campaign, as well as an OH-WAKE youth editor.

Chanté Davis has a true gift for inspiring others to raise their voices for climate change, social justice, and the intersection where these two urgent causes inevitably meet.  I met Chanté through her role as a contributor to OH-WAKE Magazine. Along with a coalition of next-gen ocean leaders (including Oluwaseyi Moejoh – who we recently featured in an Earth Optimism spotlight), Chanté has co-created this publication as a creative, digestible resource to inspire and motivate others to join them as Ocean Heroes.  In this Earth Optimism interview, we talked more about OH-WAKE Magazine, the launch of her own climate campaign, and how she leads a growing community with her role at Sunrise Movement. 


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